Numbers 28 & 29 – Offerings

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Today’s blog is on Numbers chapter 28 and 29. I have to admit I couldn’t really see how to apply this chapter personally, seeing as it was all about the kind of offerings that should be offered to God when the Isrealites get to the promised land.

One of the things I did notice though, was the amount of sacrifices they had to make in order to atone for their sins. They had to repeatedly make those sacrifices because offering them one time just couldn’t cover for the sins. Aren’t we grateful for Jesus? He paid the price once and for all for us. His blood atoned for our sins. Hallelujah!!!


I’d like to share a few bits from an article by John Karmelich on both chapters

Be blessed 🙂

“Know that Chapters 28 and 29 go well together. If I were in charge of the chapter breaks (and I’m not), I would have made this one single chapter. They are in effect one continuous story of what God requires of the Israelites once they actual enter the land of Israel.

Think of these chapters this way: The Israelites are now camped just outside of the land of Israel. They realize they must fight the inhabitants there in order to conquer that land.I’m guessing the average Israelite soldier is thinking, “How long will it take to win? How long before I just get to settle down there and live with my family? Will I even survive through that war myself? Yes I believe God will lead me to victory, but what is the cost?

In that sense, these two chapters are designed to calm the hearts of the Israelites by saying in effect, “Not only will you win this war, but here is how I (God) want you to worship Me once gets into the land of Israel.” I believe these two chapters are here to calm the Israelites fear that not only they will win this war, but that they will be able to focus on God throughout their years living in that land.

With that said, these two chapters in effect describe each of the daily, weekly, monthly and special holiday sacrifices that the Israelites must make in order to worship God.
   i)  To put it simply, the Israelites are required to sacrifices thousands of animals, over a ton of wheat, and many gallons of wine to God yearly on a sacrificial altar.
  ii)  What that also means is that God will provide for them all of the animals, wheat and grapes in order to make those sacrifices in the first place.
  iii)  God is saying, this land of Israel will be such a good land for one’s animals and for growing things, if the Israelites agree to follow My (God’s) instructions, there will always be plenty of food for them in order to obey these laws.

Now for the important question: why should we care about any of this?

The first thing to keep in mind is that God takes sin seriously. A reason why all of these sacrifices are made is to remember how seriously He does take sin. The idea is that there is a price to be paid for sin. Those animals being burnt up on that altar were in effect the price paid for their sins. Since Jesus literally became sin for us, we should never, ever take our own sins lightly as He died for every one of our sins, past, present and future.

The way I like to describe the life of the Christian when it comes to sin is, if we do believe that Jesus is God, why would we want to disappoint Him by sinning? We don’t avoid sin out of fear of going to hell. We avoid sin as that is the best way to live our lives and we don’t want to disappoint the one who did die for our sins.

Let’s assume we all know that fact about Jesus. If that is true, why should I care about all of these details about how many animals and non-animals are sacrificed throughout the Israelite calendar year? It is to think about all of these animals that were killed and realize that is how seriously God wants us to take sin”.

– Excerpt from “Numbers Chapter 28-29” by  John Karmelich. Full article can be found here

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***With God all things are possible***


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