Numbers 25 – the cost of disobedience

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Today I’m doing a study on Numbers 25.

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The enemy doesn’t have good plans for us at all but thanks be to God, who paid the price for us and defeated the enemy on our behalf, victory is ours already. To keep the victory we need to ensure that we remain in God and don’t allow ourselves be lured back to our vomit by our evil desires (I mean, we shouldn’t go back to a way of life that we have been purged of). We need to make sure that we surrender our desires to God and let Him transform and conform them to His will.

The Israelites kept being lured back into the same sin that God delivered them from in Egypt. He specifically told them against sexual impurity in Leviticus18, yet we see in this chapter how the Israelites have forgotten and reverted back to old ways.

If we don’t stick close to God we will find that, just like the Israelites, we become easy to convince to go against God and the result won’t be great at all for us. There are consequences for our actions.

The men gave in to the women of other nstions, and not only did they commit sexual immorality with them, they also started worshipping their gods. This is one of the major things God told them not to do. In Deut 28, He told them that if they obeyed Him they will be blessed, but if they disobey, they should expect curses.

Balak soon realises that God can’t curse those He has blessed and that God operates with integrity and principle. He doesn’t go back on HIS word. So Balak looked for a way to get the Israelites to be cursed by God: and he achieved this through the disobedience of the Isrealites (See Deut 28).

This is the same way the devil works today. He knows that God loves and has great plans for us and will watch over His word to ensure those plans come to pass. So he looks for ways to get us to stray from God’s path because once we are outside of God’s path, we are no longer under His protection.

Unfortunately the israelites fell for it and 24,000 of them died that day. That’s a huge amount!!!!

I was particularly struck by God’s response to the sin. He asked for all the leaders to be hanged publicly. I thought to myself, “why all the leaders? What did they do? What if they didn’t sin? Why not the actual people who sinned?” Then it dawned on me that as a leader, you are responsible for your flock…see Luke 12:48

They are meant to set examples for the people to follow. Perhaps the leaders saw what was happening but chose to turn a blind eye, forgetting that they were responsible for these people (and for calling them to order if they were found to have sinned). Or were the leaders also engaged in this sin, and so were powerless to do anything about their followers? Either way, God demanded that they should be dealt with.

Let this be a lesson to those of us in position of authority or leadership: be it in ministry; at work; or even at home. God is looking at us and expects a lot from us. He expects us to be responsible for the flock He has placed under our supervision.  This reminds me of Adam and Eve. When God found out that they had disobeyed Him, He didn’t ask Eve, rather He went to Adam. He was the leader in the home and so it was demanded of him to give an account of all that happened.

Let’s not turn a blind eye to immorality as leaders, but with loving kindness and tenderness, let’s seek to rebuke the immorality and also pray for those who have fallen. I believe that somewhere in the scriptures, it says we should rebuke with love. It seems Israel’s leaders didn’t do this, rather in their silence, they condoned the actions. This eventually led to the death of 24000 people.

May God help us be obedient to Him and remain in Him in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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***With God all things are possible***


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