Numbers 14 – To Rebel or Not….

Good evening y’all.  Today we are studying Numbers chapter 14.

I found an article online on this chapter that blessed me. Tot I’d share. Be blessed 🙂


 A) Avoid always being sad about former troubles

It is easy to think about them all the time. It is not good to do this. It is a very natural thing to do. But it is certainly not a holy thing to do. Read Numbers 14:1-4. The people were trying to escape their present troubles. They did this by thinking of their past. They showed a serious lack of trust in God. They showed too that they were not grateful. They did this in a terrible way. This passage is like a sad song about the past. But it was false.

Earlier, the same people danced with delight. They sang of God’s goodness when he saved them. (Read Exodus 15:1-21.) Now they can only talk about death. There was:

·           death in Egypt, which they wished they had had. (Read Numbers 14:2.)

·           death in the desert, which they might have had. (Read Numbers 14:2.)

·           death in the Promised Land, which they were sure that they would have. (Read Numbers 14:3.)

You may be in some kind of trouble. You may be feeling very unhappy. Do not return to former sad times. You would just add them to your present troubles. 

If you made God the end of your fears at that time, leave them there. He was able to keep you in those difficult days. It is easy to forget this when we only think of the former troubles.

B) The most important thing is to please God 

(Read Numbers 14:8.) Caleb said, ‘If we are pleasing the *Lord…’. Read Hebrews 11:5-6 too. God’s people were refusing his authority. They were just thinking about pleasing themselves. Caleb had a much better ambition. His desire was to give delight to God. He appealed to his friends not to refuse God’s authority. He reminded them that God loved them (Numbers 14:9).

There is something serious here for us to understand. If we always complain, we show our resistance against God. 1 John 3:22 is very important here. We must obey him and do the things that please him. We must make it our ambition to please him. (Read 2 Corinthians 5:9.)

C) We can succeed if we know that God is with us.
It will be like this whatever our fears and troubles are. Caleb realised this great truth. It gives us courage to continue in every situation of life. ‘The *Lord is with us’, Caleb and Joshua declared. The people still refused to accept this truth. They picked up the stones at their feet. They were going to kill the brave men who appealed to them.

Then something wonderful happened. ‘The glory of the *Lord appeared.’ (The word ‘glory’ speaks about the power of God. It shows that God is very great. People usually saw it as a very bright light or fire.) Everyone could see that Caleb’s words were true. So, the angry crowd dropped their stones.

We can be certain that God is with us every day. So, we can be confident whatever happens to us.

You may have times of great trouble. You may sometimes think that you will never live through them. But God is able to help you. He is also ready to help you. Let this truth encourage us all in our troubles. Then, our experiences may help other people in their difficulties. –
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Thanks for joining today. Feel free to share  your thots on the chapter.

Have a blessed evening

Jumbug xxx

***With God all things are possible***


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