Acts 9 – Your past doesn’t determine your future.

Good Afternoon y’all. Today we are studying chapter 9 of the book of Acts.

In this chapter we see Saul have an encounter with Jesus which turned his life around for good.

Below are the points I picked out from the chapter.

Be blessed :).


– Your past doesn’t determine your future. Even if you have strayed from the path, God knows how to bring you back to the place of devine destiny. We see Saul going in the opposite direction from what his original destiny was, but when the time was right he encountered Jesus and his life was turned around. The same man that was condemning Jesus, became the one preaching about Him and asking people to give their lives over to Him.

– God can chose to use anyone despite their history or their past. Its not in our place to judge people or discount them based on their past. Don’t write people off based on their past. God can still use then and you might miss out on God’s best just because you decided to write them off.

– Ananias’ hesitation was based on the things he had heard about Saul. He wanted to be sure God knew what he was saying! I find that funny though: as if God wasn’t already aware of Saul’s history. Nevertheless, he went!!!. That’s the key thing here. Obedience even when you don’t understand or can’t see what God is doing

– Had Ananias refused to obey God, I believe God would have found someone else to do the job and he would have missed out on God’s transformation of Saul’s life by His power.

– God proved himself. It came to pass just as God told Ananias it would. This again shows that we can take God at His word. He will do that which He has promised to do.

Thanks for joining today. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the chapter.

Have a blessed day 🙂

***With God all things are possible***


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