Matthew 8 – Meeting Jesus : The man of Authority

Good evening y’all. We are looking at Matthew chapter 8.

Today’s blog has been written by someone dear to my heart 🙂 . I pray you are blessed as you read. Amen

Just reading through the chapter gives various aspects of Jesus’ personality.  From healing the Centurion’s servant without having to be there in person; to rebuking infirmities and demons and the elements; and even inspiring a following of people in those who allow Him lead them.  All these topics were really though-provoking, however, I would like to talk about one aspect of Jesus’ personality: Jesus: The Man of authority.

First, in order to get us all on the same chain of thoughts, I’d like us to think about what authority means to each of us.  People of authority (in our lives) tend to order us around; provide protection for us; instruct us on what to do; and even delegate authority to us so that we may do something in their stead.

Some time ago I got into pondering upon the Centurion’s encounter with Jesus (Matt 8: 5-13).  From their conversation, it is easy to see that the Centurion had settled (in his heart) the questions of, ‘who is Jesus?’ and ‘is He capable of granting my request?’.  He called Jesus, ‘Lord’ (verse 8); and didn’t just say it, but expressed his acceptance of Jesus’ lordship by humbling himself before Him. This was a man who had understood, by reason of his training as a soldier, the meaning of authority, and the respect for authority.

Now I want us to ask ourselves these questions: Do I respect Jesus’ authority? Whenever I approach Him, do I make demands or humbly make requests that also speak of His boundless abilities so that He is glorified before all?  This was what the Centurion succeeded in doing.  He exalted and believed in Jesus’ supernatural abilities so much that He saw what others could not see: that the manifestation of Jesus’ power and authority in our lives was limited by our faith.  In other words, we prevent Jesus from doing all the things He wishes to do for us because of our limited faith.  This was later exemplified in the disciples’ actions on the boat in verses 26 and 27.

In verse 3, Jesus made it clear that He can not be forced into doing what He doesn’t want to do.  He has authority to show compassion.
In verse 13, Jesus made it clear that He can effect His authority without being physically present, by healing a person far away.
In verse 15, Jesus made it clear that He can effect His authority over sickness by just a touch.
In verse 16, Jesus made it clear that He can effect His authority over a variety of illnesses and spiritual problems.
In verse 26, Jesus made it clear that He has authority over the elements.
In verse 32, Jesus made it clear that he has authority to cast our and determine the destination of demons.

In all these examples, the authority of Jesus was recognised by the sickness, demons, wind, and even the Centurion.  And so I ask again, ‘Do you recognise His authority, and what does that cause inside of you?’  Does your recognition of Jesus’ authority cause your faith to rise like that of the Centurion?

Romans 1: 20 says, ‘For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.‘ (NIV)

Jesus showed a nature the Centurion could recognise and relate with: established authority is wielded effortlessly by whoever possesses it.  The teacher in verse 19 recognised that Jesus is a Teacher for teachers to follow.  Today, Jesus still expresses His nature to us in various ways, even according to our experiences in life:  He is the Leader for leaders to acknowledge and follow; the Physician for physicians to acknowledge and follow; the Son for the sons of God to acknowledge and follow; the Priest for priests to acknowledge and follow; and so on.

Why don’t you acknowledge, exalt and desire Him for the boundless things He can do?  Do not limit what He can do in your life.  Let your faith rise to meet Him, giving glory to Him who can do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think, according to the power that works in us.  (Eph 3:20-21)


—Blog by Kenoye Muzan.

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One thought on “Matthew 8 – Meeting Jesus : The man of Authority

  1. All we need is Just one word from Jesus and everything will be okay.

    I noticed that from the beginning of the chapter all that Jesus did was just speak the word and people received their healing.

    The spoken word needs to be met with faith. The leper asked if Jesus was willing. He wasn’t too sure if Jesus would heal him. I’m not sure if it was doubt or just a case of he was used to people ignoring him and seeing him as an outcast that he wasn’t sure if Jesus would do the same. But Jesus replied and said I want to ..Be Clean. instantly He was healed. He had faith that God could heal him

    The Centurion believed that Jesus didn’t have to be physically present to heal his son. He believed that Jesus has authority over all and all He needed to do was speak the word and it shall be done. irrespective of location and time, the word of God is powerful. God is His word John 1: 1. When He speaks things come to life. Jesus spoke and instantly the boy was healed.

    Just one word that’s all it takes. we have to believe that Gods word is powerful and active. that His word is able to change things around for us.

    The disciples panicked and yet again Jesus spoke and the winds obeyed him. Thats how powerful His word is.

    The word of God when mixed with faith can make things happen.


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