Exodus 26 and 27 – Pay attention to details

Good Morning y’all. Today I’m gonna do a summary of what I feel God has laid in my heart regarding Exodus 26 and 27.

Be blessed 🙂

God pays attention to details as evident from all the instructions He gave Moses. He gave the instructions to the nth degree. He dotted every ‘i’ and crossed every ‘t’. He wasn’t ambiguous, He was very specific on the length, size, height and even colour of the materials to be used for the tent.

In the same way, God expects us to fully obey all the instructions He has given us. He expects us to pay attention to the details. Don’t just gloss over and think it’s not important. “I can obey the bits that I want”: No, that’s not what God requires. He specifically said to Moses: make sure you do this as I have shown you or told you or you have seen on the mountain.

“…Build it just as you were shown on the mountain”.(Exodus 27:8 NLT)

“Set up this Tabernacle according to the pattern you were shown on the mountain”.(Exodus 26:30 NLT)

I believe we ought to look inward and ask ourselves: am I paying attention to detail in my obedience to God or am I just doing the bits that are convenient and hoping that God wont mind about the other bits I  haven’t fully satisfied? Let’s humble ourselves today and ask the Holy Spirit for help.

Dear Lord we thank you for today. We thank you for your word that has come forth.  We pray You help us obey You fully and not partially. Help us to pay attention to details. Thank you Lord. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

Thanks for joining today.

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Have a blessed day 🙂

***With God all things are possible***


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