Exodus 22 – I’m talking to the girl in the mirror…

Hello y’all check out this blog on Exodus 22. I pray you are blessed as you read 🙂

rooibos and grace

Things that stood out for me in today’s reading of Exodus:
Being a foreigner where I live, the verses regarding treatment of foreigners of course stood out to me (Exodus 22:21-24): South Africa has high crime levels, and high rates of single parenthood – many women are widowed by death and by the justice system, and many many children are being raised by single mothers. I found myself wondering if this isn’t a judgment in part for how the nation treats foreigners, the recent (and not so recent) xenophobic and criminal attacks being topical.
I wondered how far into time the benefits and curses laid out in the old testament reach – and then God convicted me: if I think S.A’s problems are due even partly to ill treatment of sojourners, how much of my struggle is because of my own actions that directly contradict old testament teaching?  How’s…

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