Psalms 5

Good morning y’all. Today we are in chapter 5 of Psalms.

Apologies in advance for todays blog. It’s pretty rushed and not the usual style of disecting the chapters :). Woke up pretty late despite the fact my alarm went off….one of those mornings !!!

I pray you are blessed and the holyspirit ministers to you as you read. Amen

1) David is praying to God and asking God to hear him. He offered his prayer using different methods – speaking, sighing and crying. 
Prayer is communication between you and God. There is no fast rule for it. I believe it’s whatever works for you. The key thing is make sure you are communing with God with a sincere heart.

2) Not only does he pray but he also waits in expectation. He had assurance that God will hear and answer his request. Are we expectant after we have prayed?

3) He highlights God’s hatred of evil/sin. No one who practices evil or sin will be able to come into God’s presence. God is a holy God.

4 ) He realises that he is able to come into God’s presence not because of how good he is or the fact that he doesn’t have any evil in him but only by God’s mercy. Humility and reverence for God.

5) He asks God for guidance and direction for the day. It is evident here that David understood the fact that if he was going to make it through the days challenges, he needed to seek Gods guidance and direction at the start of the day.
We also need to do the same. We need to get to a point where we fully understand and realise our need for God. Without Him we can do nothing. Let’s stop relying on our limited strength and fooling ourselves that we don’t need God. If David, a strong man by all accounts could humble himself and realise his need for God’s help, then how much more us.

6) He tells of the punishment that awaits the wicked ones.

7) He tells us what joy and blessing await those who trust in God. We have unlimited joy and we are surrounded as a shield by God’s favour. Hallelujah!

Dear Lord we thank you for today. We thank you for the assurance we have that every time we call on you, you always hear and answer us. Thank you for your mercy over our lives, for we know that it’s only by your mercy that we are still standing today. We ask that you direct and guide us today; that you will lead us in the path and way we ought to go. We thank you for your joy which is our strength. We thank you for your favour which surrounds us as a shield. Thank you Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Thank you for joining today.

Have a blessed day communing with the KING 🙂

***With God all things are possible***


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