Genesis 48

Good Morning y’all. Today we in chapter 48 of Genesis. In today’s chapter, we see Jacob at his death bed and he passes the baton onto Joseph and his children.

Be blessed 🙂

What Legacy are you leaving behind?

Jacob was told Joseph was coming over to visit with his boys. Jacob was strengthened by that news alone. This again shows the depth of love Jacob has for Joseph. When Joseph arrived, Jacob was careful to remind Joseph of God’s promise to him. He wanted to make sure he left the legacy of what God told him to his son. In effect, he was passing the baton on to Joseph and his boys so they can carry on the covenant and teach it to their children too. Abraham passed the torch on to Isaac; Isaac passed on to Jacob; Jacob passed on to Joseph and Joseph to Ephraim and Manessah.

One may say why didn’t Jacob pass this on to the rest of his kids? I believe Jacob had spent time and invested in the other kids while they were in Canaan. Joseph on the other hand was seperated from him for a number of years. Now was his opportunity to make sure he passed on all he knew about God to Joseph and his sons.

What legacy are we living behind? Are we investing in the next generation? Are we testifying about God’s promises and goodness in our life to others. Remember everything God does and gives us is not for our own good only, it’s also for us to share with others and use as means to introduce them to Jesus.

Jacob adopted Ephraim and Manessah as his sons in the same order of Reuben and Simeon who are both 1st and 2nd born sons. Perhaps Reuben and Simeon because they sinned and so couldn’t take the position or be given the leadership status as would have been the norm. Hence, the blessings that should be theirs were being passed on to Ephraim and Manessah. Reuben slept with his father’s concubine (Genesis 35:22) and Simeon slaughtered the men in after his sister was raped. (Genesis34:25)

I am reminded there are consequences for our actions. Reuben and Simeon lost out of God’s promises because of their sin. Their action didn’t cost them alone, it cos their entire generation. In chapter 49 we will see the blessings/curses Jacob gave to Reuben and Simeon.

Jacob proceeds to bless the boys and he switches his hand and blesses the younger above the elder. This reminds me of what happened to Jacob himself. He was blessed above his elder brother Esau. God chose Ephraim over Manessah as the one to enjoy the firstborn blessings.

I don’t understand why God did this, but I’m sure there is a purpose behind it. In my walk with God, I’ve come to understand God doesn’t make mistakes and doesn’t do things without a purpose :). The latter part of Jeremiah 31:9 says: “For I am a father to Israel, and Ephraim is my firstborn son“. Perhaps this was revealed to Jacob hence why he switched his hands.

Also the blessings Jacob gave to Ephraim and Manessah did come to pass. Indeed Ephraim became a large nation.

As parents we ought to be careful the words we speak over our kids. Words are powerful. We create things by what we say. The bible tells us the power of life and death is in the tongue!. We should be speaking positively to the life of our kids confessing and professing what we want to see them become in Christ.  All the blessings Jacob gave to his kids came to pass. The same for the curses he placed on them; they also came to pass!

Again, what legacy are you leaving behind?

P – Prayer:
Dear Lord we thank you for today. We pray you help us leave behind good legacies for those coming after us. Give us the boldness and courage to share you with those around us. Help us be careful the words we speak. Help us make sure they are words filled with life and not death. Thank you Lord. In Jesus Name . Amen.

Thanks for joining today.

Have a great day 🙂

***With God all things are possible***


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