Genesis 44

Good morning y’all. Today we in Genesis 44. In this chapter we see Joseph gives a final test to his brothers to confirm they have had a genuine change of heart.

Be blessed 🙂

Joseph after treating his brothers to a nice meal with him and housing them for the night, decided to set them up. This was going to be the final test. He purposefully asked for a cup to be left in Benjamins bag. I believe Joseph did this because he wanted to see if the change he was witnessing in his brothers was a genuine one.

He sent them on their way and unknown to the brothers, his cup was hidden in Benjamins bag. The steward caught up with them and accused them of stealing the cup. The brothers were quick to defend themselves and even offer punishment if they found the cup. They were so sure the cup won’t be found but notice how in verse 10, the steward rephrased the punishment they originally offered.

“That’s fair,” the man replied. “But only the one who stole the cup will be my slave. The rest of you may go free.” (Genesis 44:10 NLT)

This was going to be the test. Will the brothers desert Benjamin and run away for fear of their life or will they all stay back and be slaves to Joseph.

Verse 13 tells us once the servant searched and found the cup in Benjamin’s sack, they all tore their clothes in sorrow and they all decided to return back to Joseph in Egypt and plead their case.

Contrast this to the event that took place in chapter 37. The brothers in 37 were quick and eager to sell Joseph to slavery because they were jealous of him and wasn’t ready to bow to him as his dream suggested they would have to. They were selfish and didn’t care about the impact of their action on their father. Fast forward to chapter 44 and you see the brothers have had a change of heart. They were no longer selfish. This time around they genuinely wanted to do the right thing and weren’t willing to leave Benjamin behind. They knew how much doing that will destroy their father. Perhaps the guilt and regret of what they did to Joseph was part of what brought about the change in them.

The brothers went back to Joseph’s house and Judah stood up to plead their case before Joseph. Judah, in the previous chapter told his father he would return with Benjamin else he can be held responsible for the rest of his life. Notice how Judah approached Joseph with humility. He recognised they were slaves or servants to him including their father. The same Joseph they refused to bow down to and sold just cos of that, is now the one they are turning to for mercy, seeking his kindness and favour. Voluntarily declaring themselves as his slaves
Judah narrated the whole discussion with his father and how he finally let Benjamin go and the impact leaving Benjamin behind in Egypt will have on their father. Judah asked to be made a slave instead in return for his brother; Benjamin so that their father won’t die of distress. Perhaps this was Judahs way of repenting for his part in selling Joseph off as a slave (See Genesis 37 for Judahs role)

Joseph was amazed at Judah and how much him and the brothers had changed from the time he was sold in Dothan to now when Benjamin was about to be detained as a slave in Egypt. The final test has now been passed by the brothers. He could see that they were genuinely repentant of their actions. They were no longer the selfish wicked jealous brothers who didn’t care for him.

In the next chapter, we see Joseph moved by Judahs response so much he eventually revealed himself to them. I won’t jump ahead as that’s the blog for tomorrow :). Pls join tomorrow  to know how the story concludes 🙂

I will conclude with this excerpt I found online from

“Joseph’s dealings with his brothers have a great deal of application to men today. For those who have never come to faith in Christ, there is an illustration of salvation. God, like Joseph, desires to pour out upon men, whom He loves, the riches which are His to give. But men cannot be blessed until their sins have been dealt with. To Joseph’s brothers, this Egyptian potentate was all-wise and all-powerful, but harsh and to be feared. Yet to us, he was a loving brother whose tears revealed his heart and his earnest desires. In order to bring his brothers to repentance, Joseph had to put them to the test and make their lives appear to be in peril. But when they recognized themselves as sinners deserving any sentence Joseph had to pronounce upon them, repentance was realized, and Joseph was free to reveal himself to be a loving brother, not a vengeful master.
If you have never come to recognize your sin, desire to forsake it, and to confess it before God, then you, like Joseph’s brothers, will look upon God with only dread and fear. The thought of standing before God will be more fearful to you than Joseph’s brothers’ contemplation of returning to stand for sentencing before him. But once you realize your sins and the rightful penalty that should be yours—once you come to God, not to barter and bargain for blessings, but to cast yourself upon His mercy—then you will come to see the other side of God. He is a loving Father, who desires to pour out His blessings upon you. He wants to save you and to enable you to live a life that pleases Him and you.”

Dear Lord we thank you for today. We ask Lord that you open our eyes to see the areas we need to repent and give us the grace to live a life that pleases you. Thank you Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen

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Have a blessed day 🙂

***With God all things are possible***


One thought on “Genesis 44

  1. Thank you so much. I was really touched by Judah’s plea. He had reached a point in his life where responsibility and accountability could be found in him. These are very important in every christian, especially those in leadership roles at home, work, play or in church.

    Furthermore, we can learn that it is not decent to say to one’s self, “well, I have started it bad, so I might as well continue in the bad”. At the point where we realise that our conscience is pricking us in relation to something we did, we can straight away repent. In the previous chapter, the brothers had come to a point where they accepted the fact that God was making them pay for their initial sins. In this chapter, we see that they are not willing to commit a similar sin by abandoning their youngest brother to whatever fate.

    Just because we’ve done wrong before doesn’t mean we are forever hopeless. We have God waiting to help us right the wrong(s) we’ve done. We, however, have the responsibility to do the good He places in our hearts to do, and He will take care of the consequences of our good deeds.

    It doesn’t matter if the consequence of our good deeds (in obedience to God’s instruction) is: whether pleasant or otherwise, what really matters is our clear conscience before God, to whom we shall all give account for everything we say or do in public or secret.

    May the Lord help us to stand for what is right, and flee from our old ways, by His grace and mercy, in Jesus name. Amen.

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