Genesis 40

Good morning y’all. Thank God it’s Friday :). Today we in chapter 40 of Genesis. Here we see Joseph interpret the dreams of the cupbearer and baker.

Be blessed:)

Joseph was observant and sensitive to the needs of his wards – cup bearer and baker. Verse 6 says “…He noticed that they both looked upset”. Some of us are so into ourselves that we are not sensitive to the needs of those around us. Joseph noticed the long face of the baker and cupbearer and he took the time to find out what the issue was.

As Christians we are called to be light of the world and salt of earth but how can we be light and salt if we are self absorbed and live in our own little world where it’s all about Me Myself and I. The bible also says we should bear each others burden. Again how can we do that if we dont take the time to stop and oberve whats going on around us. I pray God helps us to be more observant and sensitive to the needs of those he has placed in our circle.

Joseph didn’t rely on himself or his knowledge to interpret the dreams. He made sure to let the baker and cupbearer know that God is the one who can interpret dreams. He refused to take the glory but rather give it back to God.
Are we pointing people back to God when they comment about our level of achievement, wisdom, ability to solve issues, knowledge…etc or are we taking the glory for ourselves? We should be quick to let them know it is the God in us that makes all the difference.
Sometimes God places us in certain situations so we can be solutions to the problem and use that opportunity as a means to preach the gospel to the people involved.

Joseph proceeded to interpret their dreams and he specifically asked the cupbearer to remember him and mention him to pharaoh when he gets out of jail. Verse 23 says the cupbearer didn’t remember Joseph at all.

Pharaoh’s chief cup-bearer, however, forgot all about Joseph, never giving him another thought.(Genesis 40:23 NLT)

How often do we behave like the cupbearer; it’s like once we get what we want from people or even from God, we completely forget about them. We forget the promises we made when we were desperate for the help. We forget to even go back and say thank you. We only remember to come back when we have another issue. May God help us stop acting like an ingrate

From Josephs side, it looked as if he had been forgotten and would probably rot in jail but i thank God that’s not how his story ended :); he eventually made it to the palace. I wanna encourage someone today, perhaps like Joseph you feel you have been forgotten or cheated, I want you to know that God hasnt forgotten you and at the right time, HE will cause you to be remembered by the right people.

We see God do similar thing in the life of Mordecai in the book of Esther. When it was time for Mordecai to be remembered, God caused King Xerxes to have a sleepless night which caused him to go through the books of history. From the books, he realised Mordecai had been forgotten. The following morning, he ordered for Mordecai to be rewarded and promoted.

God is still in the business of remembering people. He sees, He hears and He cares. Be encouraged :). God will cause you to be remembered In Jesus Name

Dear Lord we thank you for today. Thank you for this wonderful privilege to be called your children and be able to approach your throne with boldness. Today we ask for the grace to be observant and sensitive to the needs of those around us. Forgive us for the many opportunities we have missed as a result of us being self absorbed. We ask you help us remember to always point people back to you; that we won’t take the glory for ourselves. For as many that feel forgotten today, Lord I ask you will encourage them and cause them to be remembered. Also help us remember to come back to say thank you. We love you Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen

Thanks for joining today.

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Pls remember we won’t be blogging over the weekend. Next chapter blog will be on Monday and that’s for Genesis 41.

Have a wonderful Friday and remember to look for ways to be a blessing to someone else today 🙂

***With God all things are possible***


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