Genesis 28

Good Morning y’all. Happy Saturday :).
Today we in chapter 28 of Genesis. Here, Isaac commanded Jacob not to marry canaanite women. Sent him away to his brother in law and asked him to marry one of his daughters. On his way Jacob encountered God.

I pray like Jacob, we too will have an encounter with God today as we study his word.

Be blessed πŸ™‚

Isaac sent Jacob to his brother in-law Laban and he commanded Jacob not to take a canaanite wife but marry one of Laban daughters. Esau over heard the command and realised his father didn’t like canaanite women so he went to his uncle Ishmael and married his daughter Mahalath. Esau was hoping to win his father’s favour again. He wanted to please his father so bad. Perhaps his father will change his mind and bless him.

Esau’s problems started the day he carelessly handled the gift of God in his life (trading his birth right for a meal). He made a bad choice that came back to haunt him. Now he wants so bad to please his father. He wants so bad to win his father’s favor.

We need to be careful how we handle the gift of God in our lives. When we abuse them and repent, God will forgive us but that doesnt mean there wont be consequences for our actions. In Esaus’ case he lost the blessing and now he is trying to please and do things his father’s way but it was too late for him. I pray it won’t be too late for us. Whatever it is that we are involved in that is not pleasing to God, I pray the Holyspirit will give us the grace to walk away from them and God will have mercy and restore us back.

Jacob started on his journey to Labans house. On his way he stopped to sleep and he had a dream where God appeared to him and made promises to him. The promise are the same as He told Abraham and Isaac. God promised He will give them the land and their descendants will be as a many as the dusts of the earth and all the families of the earth will be blessed through him and his descendants.

Then we get to verse 15 which I must say is my favorite verse in the chapter :), this verse is so powerful and amazing. I want us to disect the verse one by one and I pray the truth of the words in the verse will settle in our hearts and fill us to overflow with Gods peace and assurance of his love for us. Amen

I am with you and will protect you everywhere you go and will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” Genesis 28:15 NCV

1) I am with you – this tells me that God is always there. I am is a present tense. It’s a fact that’s always true in the present. Its not in the past but today. Which means even when we don’t feel it or think so, God is always with us!. He is everywhere at all times. That’s why we say He is the Omnipresent God. He is Emmanuel; God with us. Whatever it is you are going through today no matter how bad, I want to assure you God is with you. It might not look like it but that’s the truth. Be encouraged :).

2) I will protect you – this tells me God is our protector. To protect according to the dictionary means to ‘defend or guard from attack, invasion, loss, annoyance, insults, etc’. God does all of that for us. So why should we fear…If God is on our side. He has promised He will protect us. Today hold on to this word. Whatever it is, God is able and will protect you and defend you. One man in the bible who understood what it meant to be protected by God is King David- he had loads of enemies during his lifetime but He knew not to worry about them cos He knew who was backing him – God. In the psalms you see a trend where he is constantly asking God to protect him or declaring that God is his shield and defence. One of my favorite is psalm 18.

I love you, Lord . You are my strength. The Lord is my rock, my protection, my Savior. My God is my rock. I can run to him for safety. He is my shield and my saving strength, my defender. Psalms 18:1-2 NCV

3) ….everywhere you go – that is there is no where we can go that God can’t reach us. He is everywhere and so can protect and shield us wherever we are. So if you are in a situation like Jacob that you are having to leave your comfort zone for the unknown, take comfort in Gods promise this morning, He will protect you everywhere you go. Be encouraged πŸ™‚

4) I will not leave you – (wow! are you excited already. I’m pumped up ready to get up and shout till the world hears me – God said he will not leave me!!! I just want to chant it everywhere πŸ™‚ ). Again God is reminding us that not only is He always with us, not only will He protect us, but He will also not leave us.
The key words here are ‘will’ and ‘not’. Now let’s look at the definition/usage of each one.
a) ‘Will’ is used to express futurity. What I realised here is God said 1st of all to Jacob, I am with you…that’s the present. Now he said I will not leave you, that is the future. That is, for today I am with you and know that cos I will not leave you, you will also have me tomorrow. I am overwhelmed at this point at God’s great love for us.

b) ‘Not’ is used to negate something that is positive. In this case I will leave you is positive but once you insert the word not, it negates the possibility of leaving. That is, God is saying leaving us is something that will never happen at any time!. (Are you excited or what :). At this point, pls indulge me as I ask you to pause and give God some praise, just worship him from the depths of your heart for his love towards you. This God is too much. There is no searching of His power, no question of His greatness…words are failing me to express how i truly feel about my God)

5) ….until I have done what I have promised you –  (Wow I’m done. I’m just too excited! Don’t know if I can take anymore without bursting πŸ™‚ ) here, God is saying every single promise I made to you will come to pass. I am going to be around to make sure those promises come through. Friends, God is not a man that He will lie. Honestly He is faithful to the end. He is reminding us this morning that no matter what, we need to remember He is going to stand with us till what He promised comes to pass. He will hold our hands through it all.

Be encouraged this morning. Invite Jesus into the situation. Let him take it over for you. He never intended for you to have to carry the burden, that’s why he is there – to carry them for you. 1Peter 5:7 says cast your cares to the lord for he cares for you. Give it all to Jesus, let him heal, restore and comfort you. His love for you is unconditional. Jeremiah 31:3(NCV) says β€œI love you people with a love that will last forever. That is why I have continued showing you kindness.”

Dear Lord we thank you so much for today, we are so grateful for your word this morning. Words are not enough to express our gratitude to you. You are just too much, in a class of your own, God all by yourself! Who is like unto you or who can we compare you to. Thank you so much for your love and for reminding us this morning that you are always with us, that you will protect us, that you will never leave us until you bring to pass all you have promised us. Wow God it’s too much for us :). We pray you help us believe today and that the truth of those words will wash over us, settle in our hearts and fill us with your peace till we overflow. Oh Lord we love you so much. May you always be the object of our affection. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Thanks for joining. I have faith that you have been blessed today πŸ™‚


***With God all things are possible***


2 thoughts on “Genesis 28

  1. Thank you so much for this sharing. May God continue to bless and strengthen you in wisdom, understanding and passion for His word.

    I would like to share a little bit on what I got from the passage (in addition to what you’ve shared). If you don’t mind, I’d like to walk my way backwards: from verse 22 to 16 to 2.

    Verse 22: here I see Jacob making an ‘unforced’ covenant with God by reason of His encounter with God. I used the phrase, unforced, because that is what happens when we meet the Lord and experience His sheer/unbelievable magnanimity. The same experience is recorded in Luke 19:1-10 when Zacchaeus encountered Jesus and was soon given away his possessions as an act of repentance (even before Jesus pronounced salvation upon his house). Similarly, Jacob, who had not really done much in serving God [prior to the time] suddenly realised that the blessings/promises God had in store for him should even be given back to Go d (a tenth of it) as an act of acknowledgement, sacrifice, thanksgiving and appreciation. No one had to preach to him for him to make such a pronouncement.

    I believe the Lord still does this everyday. First, the day our encounter with Him results in our salvation, we give Him our lives. Afterwards, when He meets/visits us in ways unexpected (even when we feel undeserving), our mind, body and soul burst into unplanned praise, thanks and sacrificial giving.

    Verse 16: Sometimes we do not know that God is with us. Sometimes we think that there’s no one around to accompany us through the journey. Sometimes we are even too tired or oblivious of what we have been giving in the form of blessings, and so we don’t bother to acknowledge God always. But we can see that one thing Jacob did was that at his rising, He straight way acknowledged and honoured God.

    Today, the Lord does similar revelation to us. We might be in situations that have tired us out. We might have ventured into areas that (even with the blessings pronounced upon the venture at the beginning), it seems like the journey doesn’t hold any certainty. But God shows up to give us the boost we need to wake up from our tired rest and honour him even as we go on.

    Verse 2: in the generation we live in, it’s almost common place for children to regard parental advice as ‘old-school’ or ‘out-of-fashion’. Growing up, I was usually reminded of an old saying: what a parent sees sitting down, a child cannot see standing up. The point I’m trying to make here is that we need to honour or parents: whether spiritual, biological, foster or surrogate. There are blessings that go with a child that pleases his/her parents, especially when they’re led towards fulfilling God’s will for them (the children).

    It is obvious that the Lord our God uses the natural things we see to instruct us on spiritual things. For example, in Prov 6:6, He uses the ants as a tool in instructing/teaching a lazy person. In the same light, the Lord teaches and instructs us on obeying and honouring our parents so that when we come of age and start to build a relationship with Him, our Heavenly Father, we can see Him as a Father too. And living to honour Him will not be a strange or difficult discipline (since it would have been a discipline started at home).

    I pray the Lord expands the width and depth of our knowledge of Him in Christ Jesus, even as we yearn for His Spirit to continually abide in us. Amen


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