Genesis 24

Good morning y’all. Happy Tuesday :).
Today we in Genesis 24. I got one of my friends to write today’s blog :). I pray you are blessed as you read.

Genesis 24  by Adekunle Asubiojo

Good morning. It’s Tuesday,this is the day the lord has made and we all need to rejoice and be glad in it ‘cos God’s grace and love towards us are new every morning. The psalmist said that He daily loads us with new benefits.
I am so excited to be part of this really inspirational, interesting and insightful blog.

Today we ‘ll study the longest chapter in the book of Genesis (chapter 24), it’s about the subject of “finding the right wife (or husband in other cases)”.     

In Gen 24: 1-9, Abraham commissions his servant Eliezer for this special and strategic search. Sarah had been dead three whole years and Abraham was now 140 years old.  Abraham intergrity comes to mind again here that even his servant knew about his boss’ God and was aware about the power of prayer.

In Gen 18:19 God speaks of him (Abraham) that he  will…..”command his children and household after him to keep the way of the lord by doing righteousness and Justice”. God could not say that about  Lot, Abraham’s cousin who lived in a city and he had no impact on anyone else outside his family (even that was questionable eventually).

Abraham commisioned his oldest and most trusted servant to do the task and the servant’s piety, prayer life and practical wisdom set a high standard for the believer in any age.

Abraham had a goal (to get Issac a wife) but he was not going to compromise doing that, he would not allow his son to go back to mesopotamia where God had called him out from(24:6). A lesson to learn here is that; we should not backslide or bend our values on the way to achieving what we want.

There’s the question of clarity too, Abraham was clear about what he wanted; the wife must be a canaanite(24.3). But more than that Abraham believed in divine guidance, that God was going to orchestrate the entire process.

The way the servant went about his task is really remarkable. In Gen 24.12-14 he prayed “Oh lord,the God of my master Abraham, please grant me success today….now may it be the girl to who I say,”please le me down your jar that I may drink” and who answers “drink and I will water your camels too”… Wisdom had brought the servant this far. He was in the right place (Nahor) and at the right time and the best place to oberve the women of the city, yet he was not going to look for the external alone. He was more concerned with godly character,with virtue.

God hears us, yes he really does. In Gen 24:15-16″… before he had finished speaking Rebekah who was born to bethuel….came out with her Jar on her shoulder”. She was indeed the right woman for Isaac, a beautiful woman who had maintained her sexual purity-essential to the preservation of a godly lineage . She was loved by her own family(mother and brothers) an asset and blessing to the family in her “single -life”. She had maximised her potentials and excelled at her business and taking decisions.The dowry speaks of (order and precept).

So much is expressed in the chapter, but I will end by concluding that God will always show himself strong when we have faith in him.

Thanks for joining today.

Have a glorious Tuesday and remember, God does hear us šŸ™‚

***With God all things are possible***


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