Genesis 22

Good morning y’all. Today we in chapter 22 of Genesis. In this chapter we see God tests Abrahams love and devotion to him by asking him to sacrifice His only Son.  We are also introduced to the lineage of Rebekah who eventually becomes Isaac’s wife.

Be blessed 🙂

Abraham had waited years for his promised child to be born. Eventually He was born. I can only imagine the kind of love Abraham had for his son. This was a child that was long due. Now God appears and tells him to sacrifice this only Son to him. At this point I’m trying to imagine what was going through Abrahams mind when he heard God say that. I’m sure he was thinking I never thought God would ask me for this child, but I waited long for him and he is mine and about all the promises God made concerning him, but God why would you want him when I can easily give you the best and fattest animal in my herd. How am I going to explain this to Sarah, she will probably kill me, tell me I’ve lost my mind, maybe take the boy with her and leave me…I’m sure those kind of thoughts were going through his mind at least I know they will be mine.

Interestingly enough we didn’t hear any mention of Abraham questioning God’s request. God was testing to see if Abraham loved him enough to give him is most priced possession and if he had faith in him to provide.

Abraham didn’t disappoint God he took his son and all the things needed for the sacrifice and went to the place God told him. He knew that the gift wasn’t his in the 1st place, God gave it to them and He could decide to a take it back. He also knew that God who gave them Isaac could give another one. He had walked long enough with God to know that He is a good God who loves us deeply.

Abrahams obedience was instant. Verse 3 says “the next day”…He didn’t wait any longer. He was ready to obey. The longer we walk with God and have a deeper relationship with him the more we know his nature and fear him. Abraham must have understood that God requires instant and full obedience.

Friends do you love God enough to give him your most priced possession. God gave it all for you. He gave us His only begotten son. How painful it was for Abraham to sacrifice his son was how painful it was for God to give his son. Yet God didn’t hold back but willingly gave it all for us.

Whatever it is today, Let’s be willing to give it all to God. He deserves the best from us. Let’s obey him and have faith He is more than able to meet our needs.

Dear Lord we thank you today. We thank you for giving us your son Jesus to die for us. Today we ask for the grace to have faith and trust you to meet our needs. Thank you Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen

Thanks for joining today

Have a blessed Sunday and remember God deserves our best.

***With God all things are possible***


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