Genesis 14

Good morning y’all. Today we in chapter 14 of Genesis. Here we see Abram going to rescue lot from captivity. He was blessed by Melchizedek and gave a tithe offering to him.

Be blessed 🙂

Even though Abram and Lot had seperated when Abram heard he had been captured along with all his possessions, he rallied his fighting men and his friends and went to rescue Lot. Abram showed compassion and care towards Lot. He could have easily said well we are now seperated so let him fight his battles but he was moved to rescue his nephew.

Abram showed courage as well. He was gonna fight against 4 kings who had just won a battle. He wasn’t scared but courageously strategised with his men on how they were gonna fight the kings..V15 says:
That night, Abram divided up his troops, attacked from all sides, and won a great victory. But some of the enemy escaped to the town of Hobah north of Damascus,(Genesis 14:15 CEVUS06)

God gave them victory, even though they were small in number compared to the armies of the kings they went to fight. This tells me that it’s not about how many we have with us but who we have on our side. Our strength is not in numbers but in God. Abram had the Most high God on his side and he pursued and recovered all that the kings plundered incl Lot and all his possessions. When God is on our side victory is assured.  Romans 8:31 says:
What can we say about all this? If God is on our side, can anyone be against us? (Romans 8:31 CEVUS06)

Abram after the victory was met by King of Salem – Melchizedek the High Priest of God. He blessed Abram and thanked God for the victory. He recognised the victory was only possible because of Gods help. We also need to recognise that all we have been able to achieve is from God. The victories we’ve won it’s all because of his help. We need to return all the glory back to him.

Abram gave Melchizedek a tenth of all that he recovered. This was the 1st tithe mentioned in the bible. I have to admit I’m still not sure why Abram gave the tithe but I guess it was his way of offering thanks back to God for the victory. Melchizedek was a high priest of God and so who better to give the offering to than the priest himself. Remember a high priest of God is one who mediates between man and God. Hebrews refers to Jesus as our high priest. He is constantly mediating on our behalf.

King of sodom met up with Abram and decided to strike a deal with him. Told Abram he can have the spoils of the war but he wants the prisoners of war. I am impressed by Abram’s response. I can only imagine how bountiful the spoils of war we are referring to here. I’m guessing if we were to convert them to our terms today, we will be talking about millions or billions of money and property here. But Abram didn’t want to have anything with all the ill gotten possession plus he had made a vow to God not to take anything from the spoils. Rem we established in chapter 13 that sodomites were wicked people who constantly sinned against God.  He didn’t want to compromise himself so he refused the offer and told him he can have all his spoils back. The only request he made was for the king to give the men who fought their share of the spoil.

Abram was blessed and he knew he didn’t need the money from the world to make him rich. He had God already. Come on this is a man who was on speaking terms with God…not just any God but the Most High God, the Creator of heavens and earth. He knew the source of his blessings was God and he wasn’t about to let some king take that glory. When you have God there’s nothing this world can offer you that can compare with what God can offer you.

Dear Lord we thank you for today. We pray you help us show compassion to those around us who need help. Help us remember to always give the glory back to you for all you do for us. Thank you for reminding us that with you on our side nothing and no one can stand against us. Thank you Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Thank you for joining us today.

Have a blessed Saturday.  Rem, if God if for you no one can be against you 🙂

***With God all things are possible***


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