Genesis 7

Good morning y’all.

Today we in Genesis 7 we continue the story of Noah and the flood.

Be blessed 🙂

S – Scripture

Genesis 7:5 NLT : So Noah did everything as the lord commanded him.

O – Observations

O1) Noah was fully obedient to God’s instruction- God gave him instructions on what and who needs to be in the boat. V 5 says and Noah did as the Lord commanded. He didn’t deviate one bit from it. Partial obedience is not the same as obedience. God demands total obedience from us. We see in the life of King Saul how partial obedience cost him the throne. What is God asking of us?. Let’s choose with the help of the holy spirit to obey fully. Isaiah says if we are willing and obedient we will eat of the fruit of the land.

O2) God is faithful to his word. He told Noah of what was gonna happen. And Indeed as he has said, it did happen. We can trust His word. If he says it, then he will surely do it.

O3) God kept his promise of keeping those in the boat safe. While the flood destroyed those who were outside, those in the boat floated to safety. God always watches out for us. Protection is one of the benefits we enjoy from God as a result of our obedience to him.

A – Application
A1 ) Be fully obedient to what God’s asking us to do.

A2) Trust God and His word. His word never fails.

P – Prayer
Dear Lord we thank you for today. Holy Spirit we ask you help us to obey God fully no matter how difficult or challenging the instruction might be. Help us trust you more knowing that you are faithful and can never fail. Thank you Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen

Thank you for joining today. Feel free to leave your thots on the chapter 🙂

Have a wonderful Saturday. Remember,  God wants full obedience and not partial.


***With God all things are possible***


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